Joel Loudermilk (jlouder) wrote,
Joel Loudermilk

Snow Patrol

I caught the Snow Patrol show at Hard Rock Live on Tuesday night. They were the musical guest on Saturday Night Live this past weekend as well. I've listened to their albums, and they're even better live.

This was the first concert that I've been to (other than a festival) to have more than one opening band: Silversun Pickups and OK Go (click the links for a picture of each). A friend turned me on to Silversun Pickups a while back; they're awesome. OK Go is a little too pop music for my tastes, but I was impressed by their performance. That's probably not saying much, though, because my expectations were pretty low.

I think I like Hard Rock Live better than the House of Blues. It might have something to do with how incredibly easy it is to get drinks at the concerts there. There are three bars inside, and even waitresses serving the balcony area.
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