Joel Loudermilk (jlouder) wrote,
Joel Loudermilk


Last Tuesday (5/6), Michele and I saw Radiohead in Tampa at the Ford Amphitheater. I bought the tickets from Radiohead's site on presale a couple of days before they went onsale at Ticketmaster, and as a result we had incredible seats. We were in the front center section, 14 rows from the stage. These are the best seats I've had for any concert ever. Click on the picture for all the pics I took at the concert. Needless to say, it kicked ass. This is the third time I've seen Radiohead live, but the first time I've been to the Ford Amphitheater in Tampa. Parking was free, and they didn't care if people brought cameras, or even chairs for the lawn seats. It's like they didn't talk to any of the other venues so they didn't know they're supposed to be dicks about all that stuff.

If you're interested, here's the setlist from the Tampa show.
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